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“The videos and quizzes are straight forward. YouDance.com gives my child the ability to learn dance independently. But sometimes we join our kids on the dance floor in our living room and have a dance party as a family too.”

“The fact there are no ads playing, was a big bonus for me. It meant I could set my kids up to dance and work on something else if I needed it. I didn’t feel the need to “babysit” the program.”

“I am so grateful to have found a safe place for my daughter to experience the joy of dance. I’ve been impressed with the content of the videos. It is so nice that I don’t need to worry about inappropriate content in the videos or the lyrics of the songs.”

Wholesome Content.

No foul language or inappropriate movement. You can access our 1,000+ wholesome on-demand dance lessons, anytime!

Intentional Training

All of our messaging is educational and positive. Boost confidence with our fun quizzes to test your new skills in Ballet, Jazz, Clogging, Contemporary and Hip Hop!

Secure Place.

Dance like no one is watching - because no one is! Learn in the comfort of your home. No ads, pop-ups, comments or anything undesirable to worry about your child clicking on.

Founded by a Homeschooling Mom of 3

Hi, My name is Courtney and I’m so glad you’re here! Because, you care! You care about providing a wholesome environment for your family, and too many people don't.

YouDance.com exists to bring more movement, confidence, and creativity to every life that we possibly can.

You can use our Free 14-Day Trial to see if YouDance.com is a good fit for your family. Happy Dancing!

“We are loving YouDance.com! Every time the kids hear the music come on they flock to the tv. With the subscription, it tracks progress so you can easily hop in and pick up where you left off. This makes it easy to use as a formal course in your homeschool. It is a great way to learn how to dance while getting exercise, getting energy out, and entertaining in a positive way.”

-Heidi, startsateight.com

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